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The partner network is “by invitation only”, so there are certain requirements that need to be met in order to join the platform.

If your agency wants to get an invitation you can submit the key information on the agency by filling out this form.

Should the agency meet YouTeam platform requirements we will invite its reps to an intro call.

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Please list technologies {{answer_F0okEQ3G6auO}} uses, separated by commas.
E.g.: Node.js, Java, RoR, Adobe Photoshop
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Please insert links to your company’s portfolio, case studies, white papers, launched products etc. Feel free to add as many links as necessary.
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Which industries has {{answer_F0okEQ3G6auO}} developed products for before?
E.g.: E-Commerce & Retail, Advertising & Marketing, Mapping & Navigation, Banking & Finance
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Please state the year your company was founded in.
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Please specify the location of company's head office and the location of your teams.
E.g.: London/UK, Lviv/Ukraine
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Please provide names and emails of {{answer_F0okEQ3G6auO}} contact persons for YouTeam.
*E.g.: Sofia Korostil, Head of Partner Relations -
Additional information

Please write here anything you deem important for YouTeam to know about {{answer_F0okEQ3G6auO}}, but not covered by previous questions. Here you can enter add links to your company’s website, LinkedIn profile or Clutch profile.
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